Monday, June 17, 2013


To this day I want to share stories about COLOR. Especially for people who want to choose girl wedding dress that. Summer weddings are getting closer .. he just does not have to many wedding shirt now this book. But somewhat later-presumably wanted to wear a shirt color what? Haa .. Confuse .. if you are still in doubt .. do not know want to make a decision yet .. maybe can get a little under the IDEA of this guide.

Selection of the appropriate color for wedding dress

"The miracle of this color has been studied by physicists, psychologists and psychic well .."

Physicists say the color is "Vibration ..".
Psychologists say the color is a form of "therapy".
Psychic says the color associated with the "Energy" ..

There are a few secret of color can make you look more elegant dazzle at your wedding later ..

    Examine the color of your eyes .. You just have to stand under the lights (standing under the sun is better) and note the color of your eyes. Many individuals have more than one color in the eyes. Identify the dominant color in your eyes .. Color is the most suitable color to match your dress and the color closest to your skin color .. When you wear "colors in your eyes" so that she will be mesmerized .. They are also mesmerized by your presence .. By wearing the color you will feel more enthusiastic and energetic and able to make the people around you believe you ..

Your eye color affect the color of your clothes

    Be careful with white .. make sure you know how to enrich the white dress .. White is a very popular color for t-shirts and shirts, but you should think twice before you style .. Some individuals seem to attract any white dress .. What you need to make sure is the color of your teeth and your eyes .. If the eyes and whitest teeth you not your clothes, this will make your teeth look yellow eyes .. To be safe, you just need to wear a colored dress "of-white". For those of you who have pale skin, "off-white" fits very well with you ..

Bridal Gown Color Selection

    Red color makes you look like want to scream anger but from another angle color appeared enthusiastic .. Some individuals will show if charging this color if they have dark skin and dark hair .. This very bright colors to be worn and thus can watch at your imperfections. To be sure you put the clothes near the face and likeness. Reduce red color and select the best. Wearing a bright red blouse could make the difference of ten years on your face.

Bridal Gown Color Selection Tips

    Listen to what the people around me comment. Try to remember what color you wear when someone praises you. In fact they are praised not because football but because of the color you are wearing it well suited to your skin. When the colors according to skin color, you are allowed to ..

Wedding dress color selection tips suitable

    Red, pink is the color of passion arouse your passion. Shades of brown, gray and white makes you look soul. Green and blue color makes you look relaxed and not threatened. Yellow and orange colors make you see cheerful and bright. astrologer says that the color brown (gold) can make you look cool, natural looking and energetic. Silver (silver) can make you look attractive if worn the night if they have outside events.