Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lovely Navy Blue Wedding Centerpieces Theme

Centerpieces most often are designed around flowers, and there are some stunning blue flowers available in the summertime. Summer is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. The endless colors of summer and warm temperatures make planning a summer wedding fun.

One of the most sought after flowers for weddings is the blue hydrangea. Blue hydrangeas evoke a breezy summer afternoon in Nantucket, and they are a wonderful addition to almost any style of wedding.

The large blossoms look great when casually bunched in a tin pail or a white pitcher for a wedding on the beach or in a garden. Hydrangeas also look fantastic when paired with white roses and lime green orchids to create a fresh floral display for a more elegant affair.


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  2. I really like this blue themed decoration. It’s really an incredible idea, have you really worn this blue colored wedding dress? I also want to buy this type of dress for my reception hall party.

  3. Great Picture . It really good color combination. wedding centerpieces

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