Thursday, July 19, 2012

European Wedding

European marriage commonly referred to as Modern-style wedding. Most marriages are now using modern elements in it, although not dominating. The term itself is a European style with a western style wedding decor dominated by artificial flowers, a long gown and tuxedo. Some people choose to hold a reception with European style, but to keep the ceremony using a traditional custom. Own European-style wedding image that is glamorous, luxurious and elegant.


* White
* Pastel
* Colors are striking

What to do:

* Prepare a pre-wedding and dowry.
* Prepare wedding location in the building or restaurant.
* Prepare for European decor or restaurant building. For colors tend to white and pastel colors are soft. Widely used artificial flowers and furniture-white furnishings.
* Prepare and distribute invitations to relatives and friends.
* Prepare the fashion of dress, wedding veil and tuxedo and makeup to match.
* Prepare a pair of wedding rings.
* Prepare your car and car decor.
* Prepare a table and chairs are also decorated with ribbons and flowers desk chair. But if you want standing party, then do not.

* Prepare the pre-wedding photo and a display with a standing frame.
* Prepare the LED display or projector to play the wedding video.
* Prepare your wedding video and turn it to the event.
* Prepare an MC who mastered the international language.
* Prepare food and drink adequate reception for all guests.
* Prepare wedding cake with matching decoration.
* Prepare the entertainment is quite interesting, such as singers, chorus or band.
* Prepare for interesting events like party confetti, wedding kiss, wedding toasts, wedding dance and more.
* Prepare for the closing of the firework party.
* Prepare for interesting souvenirs to the invited guests.

Pick list:

* Venue: House, Restaurant
* European Decorative
* Dress, Tuxedo
* Pre-wedding photos of western
* Wedding Ring
* Wedding Video
* Wedding Car
* Wedding Cake higher
* Wedding Toast with red wine
* MC International
* Confetti
* Sow Flower
* Food reception western
* Band, Choir, Singers, Opera
* Firework
* Elegant themed invitations
* Souvenir match the invitation


  1. Nice pictures dear. Did you hire any event planner? I have been to a European Wedding in Los Angeles Wedding venues, I really enjoyed that day. Everything was just perfect there.