Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding Souvenir Cute Ideas

Carla was the first provider of spare! She is an artist of custom cake. We we were very impressed and looking at his work. We will test their cake, delicious ...! Thus, it was taken even if there is no other providers selection of prospecting the cake! We came across in her book with her on the spot. It was an honor work of Carla. It is very easy to talk to him! It reflects the relationship Joemar became our wedding cake to each other mining ..... great adventure! We will highly recommend Carla! Super easy to work with them! No, no headache, the problem is! To establish even, we have a huge chocolate cake to work for (other than wedding cake) Joemar me and to enjoy our honeymoon. She also called a few days after my wedding when all went well. Like us, he is our coordinator was disappointed to know that I forgot the area are we supposed to cut the cake.

It was also Karla who drew our cartoon version that we used on our wedding souvenir. 

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